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Brian McKeown

Brian McKeown forged his vision for Howe Sound Films as an award-winning writer, director and producer working in documentary, fiction and news for public and private broadcasters. He was Producer and Executive Producer of CBC’s worldwide hit series, The Beachombers, creating over 120 episodes including one-hour and two-hour specials and was named Producer of the Year in TV Week’s Viewers’ Choice Awards (1989).

McKeown brings to drama a strong understanding of news and current events programming. He has been involved in the news behind the news as Senior Director at CityTV in Toronto and Senior Producer at CBC’s Newscentre in Vancouver. At CFMT in Toronto, he inaugurated current affairs and entertainment programming in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Urdu and other languages.

Brian’s strongest formative ideas for television came through a great deal of innovative programming at TVOntario, producing and directing drama series such as The French Show and Les Aventures de Dorpp, directing the cult hit satire series, Magee and Company and writing docudrama and drama material for such groundbreaking series as the True North history series.

“Television is still the most important medium of our time: affective, subversive, and transforming. It is our holy river of popular entertainment and our best instrument for creating community.”