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Four men who volunteered and served with the US Forces in the Vietnam war endured heavy combat and in the 40 years since the war have struggled to hold themselves together, find treatment, raise their families and move forward in their lives. But all does not go according to plan. War Wounds and Memory is a vivid examination of the effects of combat-based Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Originally commissioned for The Passionate Eye on CBC Newsworld, War Wounds and Memory is a 48-minute documentary that has also been broadcast on VisionTV and SCN. Written and directed by Brian McKeown, produced by Brian McKeown and Joseph Ferguson.

“They said my spirit would be wounded. They said I would be lonely and that I would find no comfort in family, friends, elders or spirits. I would be cut off from both beauty and pain. My dreams would be dark and frightening. My days and nights would be filled with searching and not finding.”      ...From The Elder’s Thoughts
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