Human Cargo

Human Cargo, six-hour drama miniseries, is a gripping, deeply-affecting thriller from the global refugee crisis, dealing with issues of asylum, international terrorism, the international aid industry and the Canadian immigration and refugee system. A weave of stories, a collision of worlds: Moses a teacher from Burundi, his family scattered by civil war; Naila, an outcast from Afghanistan on a secret personal mission; Helen Wade, a naïve and entitled young woman off to save herself and the world, in that order; Jerry Fisher, a refugee lawyer collapsing under the weight of it all and Nina Wade a political casualty banished to the Canadian Immigration Refugee Board.  A refugee arrives with a secret. What then?


War Wounds and Memory

War Wounds and Memory, one-hour documentary, is a searing, intimate portrait of five Canadian men, all of whom served with U.S. forces in the War in Viet Nam and who, in the years since, have struggled with civilian life, jobs, marriages, raising children, all the while dealing with the ravages of combat-based Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In addition to its broadcast on CBC, SCN and British Columbia’s Knowledge Network, War Wounds and Memory has served as a therapeutic tool by Veteran’s Affairs Canada in its Operational Stress Injury clinics across Canada.

Frost Fire, Howe Sound Films


Frostfire, two-hour television feature, adventure-thriller, set in the Canadian high Arctic. Frostfire is the story of Nelson, a young Inuit caught between two worlds, in full flight from the pull of his family and heritage and from the encroaching demands of white society. On a desolate stretch of Arctic sea-ice, Nelson finds a mysterious woman, alone and dying. His heroic rescue triggers the discovery of a toxic secret from the Cold War and a looming environmental catastrophe.

Frostfire was filmed in Vancouver, Yellowknife, NWT and Taloyoak, Nunavut.